Marketing in the Moments that Matter Most

Kara Trivunovic, Vice President of Digital Solutions, Epsilon

An important part about being a marketer is being able to find the right moments to reach the needs of both the business and the customer. When and how marketers advertise, could very well lead to a happier customer which is the end result most brands seek. Key holidays are one of the best times to bring the customers’ attention to a brand. It takes a certain skill and dedication to be able to deliver an experience that the customer finds both genuine, impactful and helpful while still being able to fulfill the desires of the organization.

There are many things to consider when interacting with the customer during celebratory moments, consider these five tips:

Align messaging strategy with the personal meaning for the holiday

It starts by realizing what role is being played in their holiday planning. The better the customer’s behavior and emotional state is understood, the easier it will be to send them personalized messages at the right time. To start, align the message for the customer with a personal meaning of the holiday that will bring a sense of sincerity to your message. Customers will appreciate it more when they see a connection between the brand and the holiday season, all in a genuine and sincere tone.

Keep it simple.

Time is of the essence during the holidays, trying to send out an overcomplicated message with a lot content will not interest the customer. The interaction is best if it’s simple and easy, keeping the main message and calls-to-action succinct and easy to locate. People move from mobile to online freely and through this they have little patience for any interruption, especially an advertisement. Creating convenience by reaching people in a way that appeals to them, at the right moment, regardless of what they are doing, with everything clearly in sight will make it a holiday to remember.

Be flexible.

Whether consumers are engaging at their desk, on the couch with their table or on the train with their phone – make it easy to engage across all devices, wherever they may be. Consider a click-to-call from a mobile phone for those email subscribers that have questions for customer service or to place an order via phone rather than online. Leveraging bulletproof CTAs will ensure the text is legible on mobile and to ensure content will render, even when images are off. And, be mindful of the location of your ‘order now’ CTA.

Bring a sense of community and engagement. Include user-generated content, like customer testimonials, or product reviews in marketing to help educate customers to why they should engage. A message means more coming from a community of peers than it does coming from the brand directly. Harness that power. Sharing a value proposition in the voice of customers can help to cultivate that ‘need to purchase’ emotion. Delivering this via interactive content, like video, can bring it to life even more.

Be genuine. Make it personal when talking to customers. Marketing moments don’t to last forever – especially during key holidays. Delivering a personalized and unique experience will drive growth brand growth during this time.

Holidays evoke emotion; it could be stress, excitement, sometimes even sadness which makes the approach to messaging even more critical. When the chance finally comes to reach them, being personal and genuine is greatly appreciated and will go a long way in deepening the brand-to-consumer relationship. Thus the most crucial point for marketers is to remember to captivate the emotion when it means the most.