Abas Force (India) - Propelling Indian Automotive Industry with Best-in-class ERP Software

CIO Vendor Automotive Manufacturers (OEM) deal with tier 1, 2 or sometimes even with tier 3 suppliers depending on their procurement requirement, which changes frequently depending upon market needs. abas provides a German-made ERP solution that offers a dynamic automotive utility to communicate and manage procurement from all types of automotive vendors.

“Our integrated automotive utility with ERP enables automotive suppliers to plan production effectively and deliver on-time,” asserts Peter Forscht, Co-founder, abas Software AG. At tier 1, abas automotive tools aid vendors with enhanced EDI communication (monitor and converter via partner), processing the standards such as VDA, EDIFACT, ODETTE, shipping to the respective standards, and representation of typical processes such as forecast/JIT delivery schedule, blanket order administration, and continuous change index administration. To attain better supply chain flexibility, abas ERP caters tools to understand automotive supply chain conditions, leverages real-time simulations and scenarios, apply consistent data standards and access precise and integrated reports.

abas ERP provides information to vendors to engage customers, drive results with quick and accurate response and develop customer loyalty. Even at its most basic levels of implementation abas drives significant benefits to clients. It renders streamlined order capture and processing, pipeline management, and product performance data. The fully integrated financial accounting in abas ERP reduces time and cost of complex financial processes with general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable management all localized for India.
abas offers certified practice in accordance with GAAP and IFRS. “abas ERP goes a step further to deliver information your sales team needs to make the right offer through integrated mobile apps,” adds Peter Forscht.

abas ERP provides information to vendors to engage customers, drive results with quick and accurate response and develop customer loyalty

abas offers CAD/PLM integration which supports entire data management of master data, parts lists and drawings of the development departments as well as bi-directional communication of data with abas ERP.With Project Management tool, it provides integration to CRM / sales, manufacturing, procurement, inventory management, cost accounting as well as flexible project costing. Furthermore, with the abas ERP development platform, the company helps customers optimize software rather than being vendor dependent always.

Thanks to highly competent German trained engineers and consultants abas has a 100 percent project success rate in India offering peace of mind investment for automotive vendors of all shapes and sizes. “Indian customers have a direct link advantage of working with our principal company. Our management is close to all projects and this level of support from a HQ is unheard of at most resellers,” states Peter Forscht. With locations in Pune and Mumbai, abas aims to serve its customers well into the future of the automotive boom in India.