Spectrus - Energy Saving Crafted with Composite Lightweight Solutions

CIO Vendor Governments of several countries across the globe have adopted CO2 emission targets that mandate automotive companies to improve efficiency of vehicles substantially. Additionally, major automotive manufacturers are accelerating their move into electrically driven power trains. Automotive industry is immersed with developing new technologies and concepts, but at the same time trying to drive along the course of the ‘go green’ path. These developments are important to Indian automotive industry as well. To make electric vehicles successful and to meet CO2 emission targets of combustion engine vehicles, future vehicles need to be remarkably lighter.

Spectrus Informatics, located in Bangalore, the IT hub of India, is uniquely positioned to deliver composite based light weight solutions for the automotive and other industries. They also make it imperative that the solutions are eco-friendly, by virtue of which the company helps their customer meet their respective sustainability goals. This by far gives their customers a competitive edge. “Our materials division is working on new, high-tech natural fiber composite materials that will hit the market soon, which will further result in a positive impact on the environment”, reveals Mahadev Chikkanna, Director, Spectrus Informatics.

Spectrus provides Advanced Engineering Services, which includes Concept Engineering, Product Design and Development and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). The company is specialized in Composite Engineering, with expertise in delivering solutions using wide array of composite materials processed in thermoplastic and thermoset matrix. In addition to Engineering services, Spectrus also provides IT services.
With Composite Engineering, sustainable as well as cost effective solutions are offered to clients ensuring they are competitive in the market. Spectrus ensures this by having cross functional teams working together with a common objective right from the concept engineering to final part delivery. This includes engineers with expertise in materials, industry domain, manufacturing process, product design and CAE. Secondly, the company leverages their partners from developed and emerging markets effectively.

Spectrus considers lean solutions and technologies proven in developed economies and realize them with design and production in the emerging markets. This has enabled the company to provide composite based light weight solutions resulting in well over 60 percent weight saving at competitive price.

Spectrus provides Advanced Engineering Services, which includes Concept Engineering, Product Design and Development and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE).

Mahadev Chikkanna concludes with his ambitious goals for the future of Spectrus, “We plan to further complete our value chain by having our own prototype and a small volume part manufacturing facility. This will help us deliver results sooner. We will however continue to work with partners for high volume production. Also, we are well positioned to increase our footprint into developed economies such as US and Europe, where there is high demand for sustainable and light weight solutions.”