ETAS Automotive India: Ensuring Embedded Excellence

CIO Vendor Embedded systems are finding their application in almost every industry today. Over the past few years, the adoption of embedded systems in the global automotive industry has increased exponentially. Rapid adoption of electronics has increased the demand for tools to design, test, and deploy them on vehicles. As the significant role of electronics and software increases in India's automotive industry, it necessitates reliable and strong innovative partners to reinforce embedded systems' development. Stuttgart headquartered ETAS GmbH with its India subsidiary ETAS Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. in Pune is well positioned in this industry realm with holistic solutions and technology prowess to support its clients in developing innovative embedded systems. “ETAS delivers innovative solutions, engineering services, consulting, training, and support for the development of embedded systems for automotive industry. We offer solutions that are scalable, open to integrate and which are based on standards for the entire v-cycle of embedded software development,” unveils Mahavir Patil, Managing Director of ETAS Automotive India Pvt. Ltd. With a solutions portfolio, ETAS primarily concentrates on five major areas including Measurement Calibration and Diagnostics, Test and Validation, Software Engineering, Real-time Applications and Embedded Security. ETAS is a subsidiary of Bosch Group and has outspread in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Through its global network, ETAS delivers efficient Engineering and Support service to its clients.

Currently, ETAS is a leading provider for calibration solutions. It provides measurement, calibration, and diagnostic development tools to OEMs and suppliers globally. Though technologies for BS6 exist, significant efforts are being taken for the calibration of engines to meet required norms. The tools or levers like front loading and automation can bring cost as well as time saving, improved accuracy and increased
efficiency to OEMs. “Today, we offer much more beyond our flagship products INCA, ETK, Interface devices and measurement modules in terms of advanced simulation and automation tools for efficient calibration. We provide solutions for simulations and automation of calibration task that can aid OEMs by improving efficiency of development,” says Mahavir Patil.

ETAS delivers innovative solutions, engineering services, consulting, training, and support for the development of embedded systems for automotive industry

For the protection of automotive and electronic systems against unauthorized access, ETAS delivers Embedded Security Solutions. Along with its subsidiary ESCRYPT, ETAS provides Embedded Security solutions in terms of cryptographic libraries, lean and efficient transportation layers, Key management systems, and Intrusion detections systems. ETAS' comprehensive portfolio of security software is capable of protecting devices and IoT applications. They can be tailored to industry specific requirements, there by delivering high flexibility. “We can provide Safety and Security Consulting related to a comprehensive product/system security strategy for IoT/ Automotive business. Our Security and Consulting services encompass all phases of embedded system’s life-cycle including analysis, design, specification, testing, implementation, production and operation,” shares Mahavir Patil.

For over a decade, ETAS has been successfully serving India's automotive industry. Now, it has become a part of our automotive industry's growth story. “We have a lot to offer in Electrification, ADAS, Big data management and Virtualization. ETAS will continue working closely with its customers as a partner in their journey of embedded excellence,” signs off Mahavir Patil.