Lectra Technologies: Offering Industry 4.0 - Ready Value - Added Solutions

CIO Vendor The automotive segment is fast becoming a lucrative sector with innovative technological capabilities advancing rapidly. Key areas such as autonomous driving, connectivity, interior comfort and the customization of vehicles in conjunction with personal taste is what manufacturers have begun addressing, to win a profitable market share.

OEMs in the automotive supply chain undergo increased cost pressures to satisfy diverse consumer preferences which are now considered more of a success factor rather than getting a vehicle to production faster than the competition. This along with the challenge of seamless integration of smart solutions, services and replacement of production tools that are incompatible with connected factory concepts is more becoming the need of the industry.

Businesses involved in the production of car seats and interiors need to focus extensively on customer explicit requirements by adopting innovative technologies. Industry 4.0 is imperative for process improvement to assure better productivity and quality while simultaneously reducing operating expenses. These goals cannot be achieved by majority of the businesses relying heavily on manual processes. Lectra Technologies helps companies in meeting and exceeding client expectations with comprehensive Industry 4.0 solutions for automotive seat design right from concept to product development, costing and production in achieving targeted efficiency. “Lectra is the only player in its industry to propose a complete Industry 4.0-ready added-value offering,” reveals B. T. Nagesh, Managing Director, Lectra Technologies India.

Founded in 1973- Lectra offers integrated technology solutions software, automated cutting equipment, and associated services that are specifically designed for industries using fabrics,leather, technical textiles, and composite materials to manufacture their products. Catering to a host of industries,
some of the major sectors are fashion, apparel, automotive, furniture and technical textiles market. Lectra’s solutions are specific to each market enabling customers to seamlessly automate and optimize product design, development and manufacturing.

Lectra is the only player in its industry to propose a complete Industry 4.0-ready added-value offering

Acknowledging that adherence to safety standards is of top priority, the constraints associated with multi-ply airbag cutting demand perfect control of quality. Lectra comes to fore with the FT series Focus Quantum cutters that cut material to a precision of several tenths of a millimetre, and provide optimal laser power management to prevent plies getting fused. The Focus Quantum Flat cuts multiply material at high speeds with its two cutting heads working in parallel unison using two powerful laser sources. Focus Quantum FT easily cuts optimized nesting produced using the Focus Quantum Suite software and thus significantly reduces the cost per airbag.

Yet another challenge faced by OEMs is price escalation in the cost of hides, making it important for manufacturers to optimize the usage of hides. Spearheading this challenge, Lectra provides cutting-edge leather cutting technology Versalis that offers a perfect balance between defect identification, nesting, cutting and offloading. “A number of global customers have been able to achieve better efficiency with enriched data, time savings and material savings,” reveals Nagesh.

The company attributes its success in formulating Industry 4.0 to their continuous focus on Research and Development to develop futuristic technologies for its customers. Lectra anticipates continuing being the world leaders in each segment by providing unparalleled services and a distinct competitive edge to their renowned customers.