Cubastion Consulting: Redefining User-Centric CRM Experience

CIO Vendor With the market becoming ever competitive, every sales team is looking for the ways to bring in new customers. With the CRM service war among top solution providers, businesses willing to step into the arena, consider a lot of factors while narrowing down on the best suited CRM option. Besides, with the rising risks associated with new IT investments resulting into failing ROIs, delays, lower adoption, budget spillovers, and expectation mismatch, a viable route for new and old entrants alike is to take it to the CRM consultants.

Now, one of the factors that are built into the service cost of CRM consultants is their accumulated knowledge of an assortment of best practices. While outsourcing a consulting team, the organizations do not just hire people who are technically certified in their chosen CRM system, but they actually hire a team of people who have encountered a wide variety of real world business situations over the course of several years. To add, these consultants have seen first-hand, the strategies and technical approaches that work best, while aware of the ones that don’t. However, not every CRM consulting expert has achieved successful encounters and the aforementioned definition of an ideal consultant, Gurgaon (Haryana) headquartered Cubastion Consulting Private Limited is a specialized enterprise CRM consulting firm that has set benchmarks in transforming the overall CRM experience of clients in an eco-system where latest IT investments are welcomed with suspicions. Steering clear from building just another boardroom solution, the likes of which the market is flooded with, Cubastion emphasizes more on features like customer experience, digital transformation and last mile resolutions for clients besides providing Oracle technology implementation. Particularly, this CRM consulting genius has a technology offering portfolio consist of Oracle Siebel CRM and its Ancillaries (OBIEE, BIP, CTI, AIA, OPA and BRM) implementation, upgrades, managed services and trainings.

Cubastion’s 360-degree skills of technology landscape have positioned the company as an accomplished implementation strategist

Automobile industries face unique challenges in the modern economy, given the new-found strong competition between new and used car market. With customers having incredible information available to them through the internet, review system & social media. Now building relationship with customers requires more efforts than it used to during traditional times. The innovators discuss connecting everything through digitalization, and OEMs are also keen to adopt new technology but they face certain challenges during the integration of the process. Cubastion is serving the OEMs in addressing the fundamental cause of such problems by bringing basics in place as per modern trends. Cubastion believes, the basics of CRM to cater any industry are stable systems, enabling CRM systems modern in look-feel-&-experience, and shifting the perspective from boardroom discussion to the end users.“The basics can be translated into a simple and stable digitized IT landscape or it can be inferred as a digitally transformed CRM ecosystem, wherein each one of the affected audience is adopting solution with ease resulting into real ROI for OEMs”, explains Ravi Kumar, Director at Cubastion Consulting.

Sales Transformation through Siebel Dealer Management System
A revolution is in reckoning as the automotive sector with increasing automation is looking in the direction of the digitization of DMS and innovative business models. Moreover, the rapidly changing technology is keeping the automakers on their toes. Particularly, Indian OEMs completely rely on their channels for their sales and services. Over the last decade, all the leading OEMs have started focusing on secondary sales information and standard service model across their dealers. This system called, DMS (dealer management system), is an IT landscape enabling OEMs to centrally manage all OEM-to-dealer to- customer interactions. In India, Oracle’s Siebel has been almost near to monopoly in DMS space for the automotive industry and Cubastion has been one of the global pioneers in implementing Siebel as DMS. More so, Cubastion has been a Gold Partner for Oracle Siebel since 2010.
Endless Possibilities with Siebel
Siebel is Oracle’s leading on-premises product with rich functionalities. Being a complete CRM solution, Siebel helps organizations achieve maximum top- and bottom-line growth and deliver great customer experiences across all channels, touchpoints and devices. Siebel CRM delivers transactional, analytical and engagement features to manage all customer-facing operations. With solutions tailored to more than 20 industries, Siebel CRM delivers comprehensive on premise CRM solutions that are tailored to industry requirements and offer role-based customer intelligence and prebuilt integrations. Cubastion is the only enterprise in India to provide Siebel services (implementation, upgrades, AMS, and expert service) with a history of zero failure. “Our focus in just one technology service offering has always been our key USP. We have a proven track record of enabling organizations to own Siebel CRM as their core system to have lean IT support systems to maintain low OPS”, informs Ravi.

In the near future, Cubastion intends to transform Siebel DMS into, not only a core system holding systems of records and workflows, but a tool with enhanced functionalities into modern channels. While preserving investment of time and money, Cubastion is enabling its customers to extend Siebel to various modern interaction channels for dealer and customers, be it a mobile application for sales, service, customer or further standardizing ongoing industry challenges.

Successful Encounters with Reputed Automotive Giants
Cubastion has partnered with a global luxury car manufacturer, who is one of the firsts to integrate their PAN India dealerships, customers’ experiences and standardize their brand presence. Cubastion has been helping such automotive giants in the adoption of a Dealer Management System (DMS) technology through digitizing the processes and having the single truth of systems-of-records via digitally transforming the experience. Cubastion partnered with a global commercial vehicle manufacturer serving in the entire APAC region. The company assisted with DMS application handling and provided a PAN India DMS system to the manufacturer, enabled their modern channel through mobility for Services, Sales and Management Dashboard by leveraging existing IT investment and built thin layer channels through OPEN API framework.

Cubastion helps companies to forecast better in order to meet the needs of their customers without much delay in completing the sales cycle. While doing so, this CRM consulting player empowers OEMs in automating Sales, Service and Marketing operations through modern channels (e.g. tablet based service registration), thereby bringing in sales empowerment for the mobile workforce by catering the right information on the field to interact with the customers. Besides, Cubastion’s sales empowerment tool named as ‘XShowroom’ is a modern cloud-based device agnostic solution accessible anywhere, anytime and empowers highly mobile sales force to engage with the customers, manage their leads and steer themselves. By empowering sales force, the tool helps OEMs to solve their last mile challenges to know the on ground realities. XShowroom deviates the spotlight from CXOs to Field Sales Representatives and tries to solve their on-ground challenges thereby fetching field visibility (e.g. pipeline) to the CSOs.

Moreover, Cubastion has excelled into providing Connected Vehicle Service (CVS) Platform as well. Like every other offering in Cubastion, CVS too, is in-line with the philosophy of delivering exceptional customer experience. This CVS platform offers off-the-shelf private cloud to OEMs, allowing the monetization of connected services. Traditionally OEMs are not involved in recurring revenue model. However, with connected cars, Cubastion empowers an OEM to have new revenue streams by offering various connected services to the customers. An example of a modernized approach to customer experience.

The Approach & Philosophy
The traditional approach of techteams exhibits an army of people for the whole process and large group of individuals to focus on one part of technology area, resulting into disconnect, communication delays and clash of opinions. This in turn brings risk via delayed timelines and stability of the delivered system. Cubastion’s 360-degree skills of technology landscape have positioned the company as an accomplished implementation strategist. Cubastion focuses on bringing talent on board from top tier engineering colleges and experienced professionals with a strong industrial IT background. The team translates Cubastion’s strategies into actions, which serves as a differentiating factor for the company, among a swarm of similar providers in the market. 70 percent of Cubastion’s strength comprises of IITians. With 12 year philosophy of ZERO failure, Cubastion Consulting is determined to continue living the philosophy in every endeavour in the years to come.