Smart Enovations: Troubleshooting Design Challenges with the Experience Tool

CIO Vendor Product design and development, which is core to the engineering function, have long leveraged Information Technology (IT) through tools & databases and through the automation of certain processes. Today, engineers are integrating IT more tightly into the design of products so that technology envelopes and enables the same. In these changed times, engineering is more than just product, it has become an experience. Bangalore headquartered Smart Enovations (SE) develops innovative products and processes that ensure the highest creativity, quality, performance & value by incorporating frugal Engineering experience, expertise and knowledge. SE primarily focuses on EV,Battery, battery charging and other promising domains like microwave technologies related services and products. Led by technocrats hailing from different verticals like Space technologies, Aeronautics and Automotive, Smart Enovations meets demands related to hi-tech technology development, quality management, customer relationship and employee orientation thereby contributing to world class customer experience.

Experience Led Crucial Innovations
The automotive industry is characterized by intense competition, a sharp focus on cost and regulatory oversight with an ongoing trend towards global sourcing, distributed manufacturing and assembly operations. Amidst this, OEMs have to be heavily dependent on the suppliers at the lowest level. Any discrepancy(ies) of quality, timely delivery or cost at these level results in cost overruns, delays and rejections from end customer, in turn affecting the OEM’s reputation as a brand. With their deep domain understanding and involvement with high value projects, SE focuses on quality, time and cost with a commitment of every employee to achieve first time right results. SE engineers have
accumulated experience in concept design, detail design, virtual validation, testing techniques, tooling and manufacturing. They have been helping customers to design, validate (virtual as well as physical), simulate manufacturing process as well as help in assembly process automation. The leadership and the senior brains of SE have been working with automotive developments for more than 25 years. The same have built their expertise in a plethora of aspects of automotive engineering thus helping SE to effectively engage with OEMs at a very initial stage of their projects and help at different stages of development as well.

With autonomous cars poised to storm the streets in the years to come, automotive industry is now well focused to bring in new innovation for passenger experience. Both, the car and the experience, are mainly met by autonyms & sensor technologies as well as provisions for communications and entertainment. While working on low power microwave technologies for developing safety solutions, SE also has expertise to develop communication equipments as well as personalized entertainment solutions.

Smart Enovations has successfully achieved growth in technologies like Robotic Simulation, Forming Simulation, Automation, Embedded systems and IoT. Being able to support the world’s best EV OEM directly in a short span of time, further testifies SE’s expertise and experience in the domain. One of recent contribution to robotic spot weld line automation process optimization resulted in cost cut worth of several million dollars to one of Europe’s OEM. In a similar venture, cycle time optimization brought great saving to one of Japanese Line builders.

Driven by the zeal to achieve productivity improvements through innovative solutions and products, Smart Enovations is pushing its geographies. For the time being, Smart Enovations’ primary focus remains to pay attention to the emerging technologies and understand the target markets and prepare market entry programs for new geographies.