AutoSmart: Digitalizing Workplace Environment of Automotive Companies

In the recent years, automotive industry has shook hands with major technology companies to enhance the experience of driving vehicles in advanced, safest and most comfortable ways. The automotive industry has integrated technology to bring in some key innovations in the transformation of business activities, process improvements, and the overall automotive business model. AutoSmart provides readymade solutions to operational challenges in lead time, improving quality, and cost optimization that are followed in different automotive businesses. Headquartered in Saudi Arabia, with an office at Bangalore, AutoSmart intends to transform the workplace environment and structure of automobile manufacturing companies. As per the growing demand for the digital transformation of automotive business, AutoSmart brings a great deal of seamlessness and transparency in the workplace.

AutoSmart’s products help in consistently leveraging the internal communication using computer models

Bringing Evident Transformation in Automotive Industry
In the contemporary era of Industry 4.0 where every process is digitalized, AutoSmart’s products help in consistently leveraging the internal communication using computer models. The company’s market is predominantly focused in Middle East and North Africa, where the automotive motor market has become highly promising. By supplying services across all fields of the automotive sector ranging from vehicle production to road safety, AutoSmart foresees a bright sign in the forthcoming period. Various industry needs such as locating the software vendors, defining requirements, and testing are slashed and covered under the list of services the company offers. “Our products are designed and built for any automotive company across the globe”, says Naseef Umar, Co-Founder, AutoSmart. Being a start-up founded in 2017, the company has already been serving 6 major automotive brands vis-à-vis Toyota, Kia, Volvo, Subaru, McLaren and Lexus.
The audit solution has powered in reducing the time spent in conducting audits, increasing efficiency, and finding methods that saves costs on compliance. “By using AutoSmart Audit Solutions, we were able to save around 2 million Saudi Arabian Riyal, shortening auditing days, number of auditors, and eliminating duplicated auditing items. AutoSmart Products are totally end user friendly and became a core business in our organization and a big transformation to digitization,” says LuaiFelemban, Field Operation Representative at Abdul LatifJameel. Various audits can be managed using the audit app such as field standards like Kodawari TSM for Toyota, safety & environment audits, risk management, and quality audits.

The company assures that the system eliminates all paper works related to the audit and is completely free from human-error. The project has won recognition from distributors in Middle East. In the final inspection process and diagnosis process, AutoSmart digitalizes and enhances the entire process of quality checking and diagnosis for body & paint, mechanical services, and production process, so that the efficiency of the process and manpower are improved. AutoSmart has a special platform, known as Fikra, where all employees can brainstorm, create, analyse, and implement innovative ideas. The complete journey from idea to project completion can be managed through Fikra. “AutoSmart’s Talent Solutions has saved countless hours of time and effort and has been an engaging experience for users. They have made our dashboards look and feel so amazing using the latest trends in technology. The simplicity of the AutoSmart systems have been core to it for being successful in our organization,” says Dr. John Mathew, Head of Talent Management for E.K. Kanoo Bahrain. The company intends to launch an innovative B2C automotive application by the third quarter of the year to bring phenomenal changes to the lives of vehicle users.