Sloki Technologies: Driving the Automotive Industry Forward with Technology Rich Solutions

In India, the automobile Industry is one of the major sectors contributing to economic development. However, it is also a prime source of environmental pollution. The Indian Automobile Industry is gradually shifting its focus towards improving fuel efficient automotive technologies to overcome the problems of environmental pollution and decreasing reserves of fossil fuels. This shift towards technologically advanced and fuel efficient vehicle manufacturing has resulted in the large scale investments into development of electric and hybrid vehicle technologies. However, the real challenge for the manufacturers comes from the components’ front, owing to lack of technical expertise and expensive costs. Helping the Automobile manufacturers develop technology rich and fuel efficient vehicles at affordable prices is Bangalore based Sloki Technologies by providing engineering services and consultancy for embedded systems.

Our aim is to make high end technologies like on-board vehicle diagnostics available at reasonable prices to EV companies which will also indirectly contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution

Cost-Effective Approach for Scalable Automobiles
Sloki Technologies focuses mainly on developing technologies that enable them to provide diagnostic, IoT, EV and Hybrid solutions to the automotive industry. The company provides automotive diagnostic tools like SBUSCAN, UDS 14229 and J1939 Stacks that are AUTOSAR compliant. “Our aim is to make high end technologies like on-board vehicle diagnostics available at reasonable prices to EV companies which will also indirectly contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution. We provide both hardware and software solutions which are developed in-house and this enables high levels of application specific customisations and product support, further strengthened by rigorous in-house testing. Our products are completely configurable, scalable and economical. They meet the required quality standards of SAE, ISO and MISRA which leads
to their greater acceptability,” informs Parthasarathi, CEO, Sloki Technologies.

SBUSCAN, a flagship product of Sloki Technologies is a real-time CAN monitoring device with a frame acquisition rate of 1ms, making it extremely feasible for testing and diagnostics. It serves as the best alternative to regular CAN BUS analyzers since it reduces the cost drastically without compromising on performance. The SBUSCAN comes with a PC tool that allows the automation of the CAN testing. It is a highly desirable product to save the cost especially when R&D team has more developers and validation engineers who need to use CAN BUS analyzers.

Cloud-based Data Processing
Autonomous vehicles and connected cars with the number of ECUs need a lot of data processing. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that are an integral part of autonomous vehicles require a lot of sensors including radars and cameras for applications like Lane departure warning system (LDWS), image recognition system etc. Sloki Technologies specializes in analog and digital signal data processing, which makes it capable of fulfilling the requirements of data gathering and connectivity with outside world. The company’s immense capabilities to connect with cloud servers make it a preferred partner for turnkey solutions right from data acquisition to storage and processing in the cloud. With Sloki’s SWC10 and SIOCONN, the data can be shared with outside world using Bluetooth, WiFi and Cellular network.

“Real time surveillance and video capturing through telematics help increase the passenger safety and security. Therefore, we are working on next generation telematics devices with data analytic capabilities to analyse vehicle data in real-time. We also provide after sales support to our clients for long-term product developments and solutions,” concludes Hareesha Karunakar, CTO, Sloki Technologies.