SPINTeQ: Providing Smart and Integrated Automotive Solutions

CIO Vendor Today’s customers are more diverse with higher expectation and a lower sense of loyalty. They expect the same individual services and offers that they’ve already experienced with many customer driven new startup brands in variety of industries. Until now, automotive distribution has lagged in aligns strategy with which to become a customer centric organisation. OEMs are taking note of this evolution and looking for Smart & Disruptive solution providers who would help them to bridge the gaps and take quick control of the situation.

Perfectly understanding these challenges, SPINTeQ, a pioneer in Automotive enterprise solutions, has built smart systems and processes based on M2M, H2M and RTLS technologies, helping enterprises run their business operations smoothly and efficiently. With over decades of experience in the IT and automotive industry, SPINTeQ has gained a complete insight of the functional and business requirements of this industry and has been providing clients with innovative smart systems and integrated automotive solutions that are first of its kind. The company helps clients to scientifically harness revenue potential, optimize their investment & resources and enhance the customer experience as well.

“We believe that business in the future must run more on Smart systems and less people to gain control over the business performance and to provide unified customer experience” affirms Srinivas Datta, CEO, SPINTeQ.

“Since Automation is the key to achieving the desired results, our Innovation is focused on cloud computing, IoT, machine learning and smart edge devices for catering to Industry 4.0” he adds.

Smart Solutions for Business Transformation
While clients are busy in achieving short term targets, they lose sight of the bigger picture. This is when SPINTeQ steps in to help them overcome those challenges by deploying smart enterprise solutions with continuous development and delivery, leading to ultimate business transformation.
What differentiates SPINTeQ from the rest is the way it delivers managed services by engaging users in real- time and guiding them in every step until they achieve the desired results. The company’s aftersales service is another differentiating factor as these services help clients run their business smoothly.

Resource Optimisation, Improving Efficiency and Customer Experience
Today, the business dynamics are changing at a faster pace and dealerships are facing disruption at every level. Our Workshop Management System is End2End Workshop Resource Planning platform helps dealerships to keep tab on the investment, operational efficiency, capacity utilisation and profitability. Subscription covers product usage, analytics also best-in-class support automated managed and supervisory services to ensure the workshop performance. Clients are benefitted 3X revenue by subscribing to our products and services.

Since Automation is the key to achieving the desired results, our Innovation is focused on cloud computing, IoT, machine learning and smart edge devices for catering to Industry 4.0

Real-time visibility and status information is a key component in enhancing revenue and operational efficiencies in warehouse and yards are critical for just in time supply chain operations. SPINTeQ’s unique RTLS (Real-time Location System) based solution helps OEMs and Dealerships to gain visibility about Where, When and What about their inventory and resources effectively also secure high-value inventory with all types of SKUs, this will save 40% of the time.

Currently, SPINTeQ is working with its customers on product lifecycle management to enhance Customer Lifetime Value. “Our new platform - ‘A-ONE’ is an end-to-end RTLS, IoT and cloud-based automation application, which can be utilised by businesses for operational requirements and ultimately helping clients stay focused on their core businesses,” concludes Srinivas.