MIND: Pioneering Smart Manufacturing

CIO Vendor Future factories can be built on the back of a combination of various technologies and solutions both on the shop floor as well as in the Cloud. However, it takes a keen problem solver to make components feasible and viable, especially in the automotive sector. Serving a clientele from global Fortune 1000 companies, with over 200 active clients, Noida based MothersonSumi INfotech & Designs (MIND)is an SEI CMMI Level 5 and ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 certified IT company.

It is a joint venture between the Motherson Group, which is the world’s 22nd largest automotive component supplier and Sumitomo Wiring Systems of Japan. MIND enables the digital foundation of the Motherson Group globally, across its 270+ facilities spread in 41 countries. With core expertise in manufacturing, the IT arm of Motherson Group caters to the requirements of several renowned automotive and manufacturing companies by supporting them in solving complex business problems and optimising their operations through cutting-edge technology solutions.

MIND’s Industry 4.0 portfolio includes products & services that enable Smart Manufacturing empowering customers to increase their productivity, quality and in turn enhancing their ability to deliver to their end customers. MIND’s product portfolio besides Industry 4.0 includes, but are not limited to, IT Infrastructure, ADM services, Mobility services, ERP Services, Cloud, Big data & Analytics, Digital Enterprise Solutions.

MIND’s integrated portfolio for Industry 4.0 brings in the capability of Hardware Automation including SPMs (Special Purpose Machines), Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Robotics etc., Machine Integrations, and Manufacturing Execution. These capabilities are packed in the Smart Manufacturing software suite ‘iDACS’ and Decision Intelligence through Advanced Analyticsdriven mature Factory Analytics solution. The homegrown hybrid MES, iDACS comprises of modules for Data Acquisition, Supplier Management, Material Management, Production Control, Track & Trace, Warehouse Management, Dispatch, Quality, Maintenance, and User Guidance. iDACS is an outcome of decades of experience in developing technology solutions for our automotive and manufacturing customers operating on a use case approach.
Most importantly, iDACS helps in capturing information concerning the 4 critical elements of Manufacturing - 4M - Machine, Material, Manpower, and Method - with very less human intervention, thus helping operational decisionmakers become proactive instead of reactive. “It is a highly competent product helping our customers drive their goal of achieving world-class manufacturing excellence”, says Rajesh Thakur, CEO, MothersonSumi INfotech & Designs (MIND).

MIND has addressed this issue for its customers and has developed a solution that has brought down the wrong dispatches to almost 0%

Precision Expertise in Problem Solving
Supply of incorrect parts is the most encountered problem in automotive manufacturing and can hurt the reputation and rating of a supplier. MIND has addressed this issue for its customers and has developed a solution that has brought down the wrong dispatches to almost 0%. This has led to a reputed OEM recommending MIND’s solution to its Tier-1 suppliers. Also, MIND is providing its solutions to a renowned automotive Tier-1 supplier, which manufactures cockpits (IP dashboards), in ensuring that they supply zero-defect parts to their customers who are prominent names in the automobile industry. MIND’s solution optimizes throughput, ensures correct sequencing production, and covers the traceability of every child part used in assembly supply, which otherwise is difficult to manage and sustain without digital intervention.

“MIND is one of the key players in the global growth strategies of the us$ 10 billion motherson group”

MIND is one of the key players in the global growth strategies of the US$ 10 billion Motherson Group. The company is working passionately towards achieving its targets of Vision 2025. While further perfecting its technology practices and products, MIND is also working on multiple channels of geographic expansion and market development. “With a stronger global footprint and competitive nurturing of our competencies, our ability to reach out to our customers will grow tremendously and we will continuously become better in our pursuit of being a globally preferred solutions provider to our customers”, concludes Rajesh Thakur.