Cubastion Consulting - Going Beyond Traditional Dealer Management Systems

CIO Vendor Car dealers have to demonstrate outstanding customer service and competency if they want to stay ahead of their competition. In addition to good customer service, technology used by the dealers and OEMs also matters. Through CRM software solutions, OEMs and Auto-dealers can build a trusting, friendly relationship and sell more vehicles. It is because CRM solutions save time, money and also help send regular updates to customers; encouraging regular usage of service and maintenance options.

Despite the industry's size, there are few CRM software suites tailored specifically to meet needs of dealers and OEMs. The leading vendors that provide back-end dealer management systems, are merely adding CRM modules and there is no definitive package. Apart from this, as large corporations provide varied IT services their offerings generally get diluted. Hence, automotive manufacturers and dealers need assistance from such a vendor who is specialized in CRM implementation. Gurgaon based Cubastion Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has the requisite resources who have deep expertise in implementing and customizing CRM applications. They are specialized and focused CRM consultancy, and Siebel specialized Oracle Gold Partners in India. Over 80 percent of Cubastion workforce hails from IITs. This fact undoubtedly corroborates the competency of the company in providing CRM solutions.

Ravi Kumar, Director of CRM Consulting at Cubastion believes that Consumerization of B2B application has become vital today and the industry should think beyond traditional DMS (Dealer Management System) and CRM applications. His reference to Consumerization means thinning the boundaries between B2B and B2C processes as well as user experience. Centralized and integrated DMS is no-longer a competitive advantage. What next is a big question for CxOs. “Cubastion brings Gen C cloud salesforce automation known as Xshowroom. It offers a tablet based product demonstration, lead management and self steering dashboard all accessed through a tablet anywhere anytime,” explains Ravi.
Xshowroom is meant to help sales executives on the field as well as on the showroom to handle end-to-end sales process. Ravi points out that OEMs usually focus on feature rich, high end BI and analytics provided usually through multiple applications access over web, and are mostly OEM centric.

Xshowroom is sales person centric and engineered to use through modern design approach to empower them with all they need to win a lead; be it demonstration of product in tablet, knowing stock, at source data capture and simple dashboard with predictive analysis to inform about their leads, task, pipeline and performance. Above all, unlike B2B application, it offers modern Gen C candy crush user experience.

Cubastion Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has the requisite resources who have deep expertise in implementing and customizing CRM applications.

Taking another leap, Cubastion launches IoT framework, offering OEMs a private cloud connected vehicle services framework - a machine to user experience, for OEMs to Design, Launch, Operate and Steer their connected vehicle services; thus further thinning the B2B application framework and OEM B2C engagements. The framework enables OEMs to take their connected vehicle features into the hands of customers e.g. remote start, climate control, geo-fence alerts/action sitting anywhere around the world.

These new fundamental changes in IT systems are imperative. Leveraging Cubastion Xshowroom not only resolves ease of use challenge, rather excites sale force to use it as its modern UX approach empower them with intelligent data on their monthly closure. The IoT framework not only enables to monetize connected vehicle services, but it also improves customer life cycle management. Cubastion Consulting is working on developing more such solutions to improve the future of automobile industry.