Autorox: Digitally Enabling India's IG Network and Seamless Eco-system Connectivity

CIO Vendor The need for an advanced Garage Management System (GMS) was identified by Hyderabad based auto-tech entrepreneurs while operating their own IG network across South India. They also visited IGs across India to understand every aspect of a car service operation: customer acquisition, service execution, personnel skill level, tech readiness, complexity of multi-brand car repair, spares procurement, inventory, delivery, leakages, external interfaces (e.g. Insurers), customer experience and financial management. Such extensive homework led to the design of Autorox technology - a thorough bred, GMS and auto repair eco-system for India.

Passenger Car Repair and Maintenance in India: Options and Challenges
India’s car parc is over 30mn with more than 3mn new cars added each year. For repair, a car owner has to choose between a Dealer or a Multi-Brand Independent Garage (IG). The current dealer network is small and hence the service network in India severely lags the vehicular growth. Majority of the estimated 100,000 IGs in India are poorly equipped to repair modern cars, have issues with transparency, lack customer trust and poorly positioned to conduct business in the new economy with digitally enabled car owners, insurers and the growing fleets. With upskilling and digitization, IGs would be better positioned to address the needs of car owners who seek easier accessibility, lower repair costs and personalized service.

Enhanced operational efficiency for IGs: At IGs, most processes including customer acquisition, providing quick repair estimates, repair execution, repair status updates, invoicing and feedback mechanisms are inefficient. Autorox removes these friction points by systemizing and creating a standard workflow for the repair processes.

India’s largest passenger vehicle parts catalog: Autorox has in-built OEM & Aftermarket auto parts and labour catalog for all car models to enable IGs to develop quick repair estimates – a process which was previously time consuming and required extensive follow-up with suppliers.
Exceptionally Simple technology for car repair workshops: The design of Autorox has carefully considered the skill level of staff employed by IGs. A starter Service Advisor can be upskilled to senior level in less than 4 hours and new Job Cards can be created in less than 5 minutes – both substantial benchmarks in the auto repair.

Autorox has in-built OEM & Aftermarket auto parts and labour catalog for all car models to enable IGs to develop quick repair estimates

New paradigm for Customer engagement: With Autorox, customer interaction with the garage such as discovery, offers, repair approvals, timely repair updates, customer payments, feedback and service reminders have all been digitally enabled. Such a rich technology enabled customer engagement platform enhances customer’s trust with the IG and facilitates a long term relationship.

Way Forward and Eco-System Connectivity
The rapid adoption of Autorox by IGs as the operating system of choice has led to other participants in the auto eco-system such as insurers, spares suppliers and fleets, signing up with Autorox to digitally plug-in to the network to improve their operational efficiency/TaT, reduce errors, leakages, and optimize repair costs. Such real-time interactions are enabled by Autorox’s robust technology architecture and comprehensive API to enable easy integration with enterprise systems.

“To enable radical transformation of the car service experience, I envisioned the development of a high quality, techenabled, trusted network of over 10,000 IGs across India – a network where car owners can expect terrific service at an affordable price in their neighbourhood. I also dream of seamless digital connectivity of this network with car owners, insurers, fleets & the spares supply network. For the auto industry to evolve and to drive efficiency across the chain, it is important that all the participants of the eco-system come together on an open platform. Autorox could be that platform!” says Vijay Gummadi, the Company’s Founder, CEO and Chief Architect.