Sedemac: Installing Ground breaking Ultra-modern Control Intensive Products

Technological and business proposals based on market interests and megatrends are pushing vehicle architectures to be renewed day by day in the Indian Automotive industry. Over time, electronic controls by software and calibration have fitted a core part of the Engine unit.

Sedemac; a Pune-based technology company in a class by itself prefaced new fangled technologies to meet economically viable solutions for the assembling of low consumption & low-exhaust vehicles; essentially the key that differentiates them in this space. Smart business IITians behind Sedemac Mechatronics; a go-to partner for OEMs deliver control-intensive technologies & products. Prof. Shashikanth Suryanarayanan, Founder of Sedemac is accountable for the overall strategy, product choice, investor relationship, and team formation to provide “world’s-first” technologies like Engine Management & Transmission Control with Traction-control, Motor control, IoT, Battery Management and execute the entire technology and product life cycle in-house. Technologies led by this expertise provide Smart Ignition and ISG solutions, more resistant to faults and pretty efficient replacing obsolescence. These innovations show us just how far technology has come.

Sedemac’s Engine management solutions supply Engine Control Units (ECUs) regarding fuel delivery and ignition control products with the focus to implement first principles from physics to the application as opposed to the “hardware heavy” approach. To mention a few; Smart Ignition, ISG+EFI ECU, Common Rail Diesel Engine ECU, Integrated Genset Controller, and CustomECU are aforementioned solutions. Sedemac’s transmission control solutions are composed to automate Manual Transmission (AMT) systems from automotive power trains. Employing its proprietary knowhow, such as sensor-less torque estimation techniques; a smooth and responsive experience is provided to the end-user. AMT ECU and CustomECU fall under the solutions.

Sedemac, on the other hand with Motor Controls, has utilized principles from electromagnetism to create “Sensor-less Motor Controls'' with broad applicability on ICE & EV power trains. Sensor less ISG ECU, ISG+EFI ECU, Electric Vehicle Motor Controller Unit, and CustomECU turnout to
be the solutions. A full-featured IoT suite of products consisting of data gateways, mobile phone apps, and server-based application logic is devised to wane the operating costs for current product backing and to contribute never-before applications. Sedemac’s IoT solutions like R2D3 lloT & OTTO potentially eases the task of retrieving data from the field and exercising control as well.

The technologies and products of Sedemac are popular and appears particularly attractive in Automotives, Off-Road Engines and Power Generators. Sedemac’s control solutions are power-packed with cloud connectivity, precise engine frequency control, and load-based engine frequency control for fuel efficiency in specific applications such as telecom towers. Being specialized in smart algorithms and hardware; Sedemac operates on a partnership model with automotive OEMs & Tier-I companies to reinforce Next-Gen controls.

Sedemac’s IoT solutions like R2D3 lloT & OTTO potentially eases the task of retrieving data from the field and exercising control as well

The concept of Sedemac to eliminate the starter motors through Sensor less ISG technology has come into survival on a fast-selling vehicle by a primary OEM. As an outcome of contribution in the two & three-wheeler power trains market; more than twenty million smart Ignition units were deployed so far. "Every third vehicle in India uses our smart ignition technology today. Our products look like motherboards of computers. We sell these things to control what are called Power Trains (PT),” explains Prof. Shashikanth. Sedemac's long term goals align with a global thrust to expand footprints in American & European markets and innovative control technologies for zero emission, electrification & safety, and a heightened user experience.